Do you like motorsport? Do you want to join to a professional team that work in racing world and produce top level suspension? Do you like to be part of a team that work everyday to be the World’s best?

We are looking for some great passionate people that want to do a challenging and dynamic job.


CAD Designer
Shock Absorber Technician
Pre-Assembly Workers
Quality Control Technician
CNC Programmer
Commercial and Sales Employee

Is strictly required:

– Mastery of the English language
– Good work planning skills
– Knowledge of the automotive/motorsport market – motorcycle / cycling (or high apprehension skills).
– Good computer software skills, predisposition to problem solving and ability to take risks and responsibilities.
– Good relational skills and aptitude for group work.
– Availability to travel and know how to work in a coordinated way.

If you recognize yourself in one of these positions please send an email to